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The HackCess CyberSecurity Conference addresses all shades of the "Hack" (technological tweaking that result in both secure communication and fix/advancement of existing technologies). It is organized by Tobeit Kenya Limited. The theme of the 2018 East Africa edition “Critical Infrastructures in the Digital Era: State of Cybersecurity defenses and readiness in East Africa”.

Critical Infrastructures (CI) is a key factor of consideration in the formulation of a holistic national social, economic and political agenda for Kenya and the East Africa regional bloc. Financial Services (Banks, Insurance, Stock Markets, MPESA etc), Security (Police, KDF etc), Revenue generation (KRA, Custom Services etc), Energy (Power grid, Gas etc), Telecommunications, Elections and democratic freedoms etc are fundamentally tied to and underlies the lives of the populace. Several aspects of the socio-economic life of the populace have been impacted and are increasingly more driven by these technologies e.g MPESA. Kenyans are amongst the highest early adopters of new technologies leading into the digital era in emerging Africa. Unfortunately, the awareness of the need to protect these Infrastructures among the stakeholders in the Kenyan society and East African is very low. The need to protect these ways of life cannot be over emphasized.


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